Why does Visual Care stand out from the crowd?


Access information on any device, from any location with inbuilt GPS tracking.

100% Web Application

Total rebuild in 2018 from a desktop software to a web application

One Click

Everything you need is only one click away!

Implementation optimisation

Designed to be implemented and trained quickly.

Dynamic Development

Using the latest development standards, our team has the skills to produce quality code quickly.


Built on a foundation of 15 years of use and refinement.

About us

Our Team

We are a dynamic team with decades of experience in both the IT and home care industries. We believe this combined experience allows us to create the best aged, community and disability software in the market.


We believe in creating software that maintains a simple design standard without sacrificing usability or features. We aim to create powerful software that will revolutionise the way you do business and interact with your staff, your clients and their families.